Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 37- Finally some needed changes

I am happy to report that I am making some needed adjustments to my regimen. After discussing with my acupuncturist, his advised me to back off a little. He thought my symptoms sounded like my body was unhappy with the changes and obviously holding me back from recovering. So, as of now I am officially adding whole grains back into my diet. I had tried replacing quinoa for fruit in small amounts but not everyday.  I am also going to replace the Repair Vite with Clear Vite to get more nutrients and take the GI synergy only once a day instead of twice a day.  I have tried adding in eggs but the jury is still out if they are affecting me. The diet is still strict but just easing up a tiny bit gives me the most unexpected joy. I no longer feel like any mistake I make is detrimental to my recovery and that I am in a constant state of panic with life or death decisions.  It is a fluid process of what works for me and it's ok for me to experiment a little.

Just 3 days into backing off a little and I'm already noticing some positive changes. I feel less dizzy on an average, less disoriented, and my mood has greatly improved.  I have less feelings of hopelessness and depravity. I still get dizzy spells, forget to put protein powder in my protein shake, and forget nouns and adjectives but it's not so bad. The only changes I've really made are reducing the GI synergy to once a day, eating bigger portions, eating more quinoa and allowing myself a treat like crackers or frozen cultured coconut milk. I also found some cacao nibs that have very little sugar so as a special treat I eat one or two and savor it, and feel much happier as a result.  I'm not sure what this means for killing Candida but it does feel like a better environment to heal in. I suppose I will deal with the Candida later when my gut has healed a bit longer.

Day 36 Tuesday
Breakfast: protein shake with carrot juice, c.c. milk, fresh ginger, stevia
Lunch: baked salmon, arugula, lettuce, lemon olive oil dressing
Snack: can't remember but think I ate something

Dinner: salmon, brown rice, broccoli

Day 37 Wednesday
Breakfast: fried egg with leftover salmon, cream of rice cereal (11am)
Snack: GF crackers, beet chips
Dinner: shrimp with lemon and garlic, quinoa, broccoli
Dessert: frozen cultured coconut milk (3g sugar) with cinnamon and stevia

Day 38 Thursday
Breakfast: egg with wilted spinach on GF english muffin
Lunch: quinoa and broccoli
Snack: GF crackers (Sticks and Twigs by Mary gone crackers, and yes they taste similar)

Dinner: lemon shrimp, broccoli, spaghetti squash

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