Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 42- This week shouldn't count

This week has not been the ideal environment for healing. Due to external circumstances, I have not been able to take care of myself like I need to. My dog is very ill and I have been on 24 hour nursing care and observation. I haven't been sleeping so I have very little energy to get through the day, let alone have time to cook healthy balanced meals. My gut pain is constant but I am very sensitive to stress and sadness so I've just tried to eat when I can to maintain calories and not worry too much about it. He is making improvements so I'm hopeful I can get back into some sort of routine again and try to end the diet experience on a positive note.

Food Journal Day 39 Friday
Breakfast: fritatta w/egg, spinach, garlic, onion, avocado, small protein shake
Lunch: spaghetti squash with shrimp and broccoli, kombucha
Dinner: baked salmon, garlic over greens (watercress, spinach, arugula) lemon olive oil dressing

Food Journal Day 40 Saturday
Breakfast: small protein shake
Lunch: tuna melt on GF bread (some ingredients not allowed)
Snack: 1/2 T. sunflower seed butter, GF crackers
Dinner: coconut ginger basa, sauteed ginger chard

Day 41 Sunday
Breakfast: protein shake w/ ClearVite, acai packet, carrot juice, cultured coconut milk, spinach, broccoli stems
Lunch: leftover spaghetti squash and broccoli, leftover salmon and greens, GF crackers, sunflower seed butter

Snack: beet chips, avocado, kombucha

Dinner: sun burger (brown rice, sunflower seeds, veggies) over greens, asparagus, avocado, leftover red snapper

Day 42 Monday
Breakfast: protein shake
Lunch: leftover salmon, asparagus, kombucha
Snack: tea, 3 sunballs over 2 hours
Dinner: sweet potato, avocado, raw massaged kale salad

Sunballs- Mary's Gone Crackers Sticks and Twigs crushed with sunflower seed butter, quinoa, hemp seed, chia seed, cinnamon and rolled in sesame seeds. I like bite size so I roll marble size. These are not sweet, I should have used some stevia.


  1. Hi there,

    I have browsed your food journal and I am familiar with the Repairvite program as I recently used it to overcome a VERY resilient case of eczema (responded to nothing, taking out milk products didnt fix, neither did any other elimination diet) While your digestive upsets might seem unrelated to my condition, they are both rooted in the same Leaky Gut mechanism and can be fixed the same way.

    However, I would like to add my advice as far as your diet:

    I don't know what's in that "protein shake" you drink every morning, but it's not natural and most likely processed with something inflammatory; I'd cut it.

    You are still consuming LECTINS and EGGS and GRAINS. The program specifically states: "The complete avoidance of restricted foods cannot be overemphasized. Even small snacks or bites of the inflammatory foods can create an immune reaction in the intestinal membranes that may last for several days and compromise the successful outcome of this program."

    Cut out the quinoa, that's a grain. It's binding with receptors in your gut causing inflammation.

    EAT MORE MEAT. There is nothing better to facilitate healing! It is the highest source of Glutamine (The Repairvite drink has an L-glutamine isolate however whole foods are always best!)

    Cut down on the fruit/carb intake. There is nothing the body needs that it can't get from steak and offal. Carbohydrates are certainly not help heal anything so I'd eliminate them.

    This diet is basically a Paleo diet with changes however, the best model is the actual paleo diet by Dr. Loren Cordain with his Autoimmune modifications. Here's a good website to get you started: http://paleoautoimmunerecipes.blogspot.com/

    You'll notice it's the same diet, with more emphasis on meat and less on vegetables.

    So please, be open to the fact that meats and natural animal fats can heal you! Just do a week of nothing but chicken breast and chuck beef steak, no spices or marinades. Just the meat and fat. Boy you'll be glad you did!

    Also here is another site that shows the gut/autoimmune (IBD, Crohns, skin disease, MS, etc) connections. It advocates eggs and butter and doesnt eliminate the nightshades but it's still a great resource to read up on, it's all perfectly cited with pubmed studies. It also goes to show how little importance fiber is and how toxic it can be to people with autoimmune conditions. It would probably be wise to eat only cooked vegetables just in case: www.biblelife.org/bowel.htm

    So, in summary. Stick to this plan! Make it as simple as you can, less chance of introducing something that will set you back a week. I did it, so can you!

  2. so how are you doing? im having issues.

  3. You might have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (sibo). It can cause the symptoms you are speaking of, including the mood & brain symptoms. Did with me. Also, while RepairVite is a wonderful product and has helped many people heal leaky gut (as shown objectively on Cyrex Array 2), it contains polysaccharides that feed sibo. If you have sIbo, RepairVite (as well as ClearVite for the same reasons) can feed the bacteria. Check out www.siboinfo.com You can also do Skype consults with the doctor who runs the site -Dr. Siebecker.

  4. I have just started following your Blog so forgive me if I am submitting a comment to something previously discussed. But wondering if you have been tested for HPylori. Many of the symptoms you stated are similiar to what I have experienced. My Naturopath put me on the RepairVite for 60days and then Clearvite for 60days. I also did a stomach cleanse for the HPylori for 60days alng side of the Repairvite. I used the Gastromend-HP, Bi-HPF, Allicilin protocal. And, to date, none of my symptoms have returned (stomach distention,eczema, severe pains in upper stomach, hairloss, weight gain, arthritis in left arm)... The HPylori program can be found at this link- http://h-pylori-symptoms.com/sales-pages/gastromend-hp-bio-hpf-allicillin/

    I also continue to stay Gluten Free& Dairy Free and very little grain (utilizing Coconut flour recipes insteadd). I had an allergy test that verified I was allergic to potato's so I also stay away from night shade vegetables.

    It is a challenging road (it took me 5 years to figuire it our) but once you do- it makes managing life so much easier and less stressful. I wish you the best of luck in your journey!