Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 2- The rules of the plan

So today I thought I would go over the rules so you can understand the depth of my despair when I can't stop complaining about how I will die if I don't eat a cookie.

An Anti-Inflammatory diet means eliminating any and all food that can cause irritation and inflammation in your body. This includes:

Sugars-chocolate, honey, agave, candy
High Glycemic fruits
Grains- glutenous items, oats, quinoa, buckwheat, soy, corn, etc.
Dairy-including eggs
Soy-soy protein is in everything!
Alcohol- :(
Lectins- nuts, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers
Processed food

You might be thinking, what can you eat?
Well this list is much smaller

Vegetables- excluding night shade family
Meats- I don't eat meat but fish is included, especially cold water and wild
Low Glycemic fruits- berries, apples, pears, etc.
Coconut- milk, oil, etc.
Fermented foods- kimchi, pickled ginger, mixed pickles, kombucha tea, coconut yogurt
I checked with my acupuncturist and he said I could also have seeds, green tea and shrimp

The supplements I am taking are part of the RepairVite program from Apex Energetics.
RepairVite- not sure exactly what it does other than "repair"
Strengtia- probiotics and arabinogalactans to support intestinal microflora
GI-Synergy- natural compounds with anti-bacterial, anti-yeast, and anti-parasitic properties
I'm also taking DHA Omega 3 and NeuroFlam for my "brain fog", I will elaborate on that later.

This is a description of Leaky Gut from the brochure, I borrowed it from Fair Oaks Healing Center newsletter

Food Journal

Breakfast: protein shake with cultured coconut milk, carrot juice and blueberries
Lunch: leftover sweet potato and avocado from dinner, cherries
Snack: fruit bar, snap peas, carrot juice
Late Snack: coconut yogurt, roasted pumpkin seeds, green tea
Dinner: Tuna salad (avocado, pumpkin seeds, herbs, lemon juice)


  1. Hi there-- I'm also doing this diet. I'm wondering-- where do you get coconut yogurt or cultured coconut milk? I'm not allowed to have seeds :( Also, are blueberries low glycemic? Thanks for your help!

  2. I get cultured coconut milk at my local Vitamin cottage in the fridge section by the kefir. Other health food stores usually carry the coconut yogurt but it's very expensive and also has sugar added. I've tried not to make it a staple. Don't worry about the seeds, I ate them at the beginning but don't seem to need them as much now, except for hemp seeds, I eat a lot of those. Berries, cherries, apples, peaches are safe to eat on this diet. You will find a lot of conflicting info on low GI fruits so use your best judgment and moderation is really the key. I'm in the process of cutting out all fruit due to the likely feisty candida currently putting up a fight but I have been eating too much sugar. Good luck and let me know how things are going for you!

  3. I'm also on the diet... I never eat any sweet potatoes! I also eat a LOT of meat(organic only of course)!! I couldn't imagine being on this diet and not being able to have a steak!! My body also processes meat beautifully however not so good with the nuts, beans, and seeds. Well I hope your doing better. I'm only on week 3 and I'm shooting for the 60 days. I was definitely a progressed case :(

  4. Hi Ya'll! I have been doing this for about 2 months already, and have more to go... An interesting caveat for you all to consider... If you soak nuts in salt water and then dehydrate, the lectins are de-activated and no-longer pose an inflammatory threat. My Chiro checked me with muscle testing and I can have the nuts after I soak/dehydrate them. I would die without a quick "grab-&-go" protein source. Hope this helps :) Thanks for posting this information... nice to know I am not alone on this journey!

  5. I need to start this diet and can't digest animal protein. Doc said no nuts or seeds. What for protein? i have Thyroid problems and don't eat any junk but can eat many veggies because they make me sick like celery, peppers,and also have Candida problems. well would loved to hear from you. Rocio

  6. Hi just started and have to eat several times , hungry !!! But , we can have sweet potatoes ? Just doing the repair vite then going on to liver and then thyroid. going to ask about the nuts soaking and dehydrating. yum. happy to have found your site ! thank you

  7. What about vanilla or plain almond milk? Fresh green beans?

  8. Hi, I did this last year and it worked amazingly. The only thing is after a month of going off of it I have felt consistently worse and worse again. I have an auto immune disorder and am wondering is it harmful to just stay on this forever? thanks

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  10. Your comments are so fasinating. I have H-pylori and will start taking similar supplements. I am waiting for them to arrive. I was prescribed pyloicil and mcosagen by Ortho Molecular, pretty similar to the APex . I had taken GI Synergy before but stopped. Not sure if I have to wait for this infection to clear p before I start taking it again.

  11. i have been told that i have leaky gut and had an amazing doctor where i moved from. I now live in southeast ohio. anyone know of any doctors that are helpful with this kind of stuff in this area? 'guts' are killing me. :-(